Shades of African Brown

Photography: Frank – @muma_pix 

Venue: Limuru


In the midst of all the what-we’d-like-to-call craziness in life, the lessons and adventures experienced count the most eventually.

There are times the world feels like this box that has lost it’s elasticity and now its four walls are crashing down on you and your only way of escape is up, lest your compacted and reduced to nothing. Yes! Your only chance of surviving is if you head upwards. Do you believe in the power of prayer? Seek God. He listens. He speaks too, so be keen to listen. Be Patient. The world that was initially coming at you will begin to shape up and adjust in order to keep up with you and the Heavenly grace you are now carrying.


Hahaha.. I feel like I got a lot spiritually emotional there.. But life is for the living you know and if you’ve gotta know how to escape temptations, survive through tests and live righteously, you MUST constantly seek the Truth and the constant Truth Teller.

Your choice, your lifestyle! I choose Jesus.


Now, let’s all agree that Limuru is such a breathtaking site and its micro climate is all sorts of heavenly! Tea Plantation… Aaahh! Tea plantation is beau-Tea-full! See what I did there? Thank you for noticing and sending that bar of T-chocolate my way! 🙂


Ankara prints are attractive and make a tremendous African statement.

I somewhat inherited this piece from my late mother (may her soul keep resting in eternal peace) and the outstanding thing I love about this particular piece is the cut detail on both sides of the upper parts of my sleeve length. I’m not sure if I could turn it to an off-shoulder piece. Probably it’s sth I should try out soon as I’m done here.. Haha!

I paired my lovely piece with a pair of pants just to urbanize my look. It’s important to at times break your suit to fit more of your errands and occasions. For example, with this look I could comfortably attend a class, rush to a wedding or a barbecue/coffee/lunch with friends in the afternoon and still look the part.

Also, if all the above were to happen in a day you’d definitely want to consider having some comfy shoes on. Loafers, some cute rubbers and basically any pair of flats would be my got to shoes, anyday!

Feel free to try out combos and see how perfectly they’ll work! All the best..




Ankara top: Mum’s

Pants: Eastleigh Malls

Shoes: Wow Collections – Tubman Road, Nairobi.

Lipstick: Black Opal No. 2

Hair: Naomi. 

Until next time….

As always,

Love & love!

Acie Muiruri.

Quote Tail

Problems are not ‘STOP SIGNS’, they are ‘GUIDELINES’.

~ Robert H. Schuller

Beat Post

Hatudai by Ben-C X Nduati – Local.











Photography: @b_titophotography

Venue: Juja, Central Kenya


Loving: 2017 so far! Hello everyone and hello March! This is the first Taking Stock post this year and I am thrilled to be back at it like I never left.. Whoooppy!

Enjoying: my days away from the office and the fact that I get to be active online more often now.. Plus, who doesn’t love the internet! Haha!

Wondering: if The Dubs will soon adjust to the sad fact that KD is out indefinitely and get their heads in the game! We’ve recently lost two games in a row (against Chicago Bulls & Wizards) now totaling it to 11! Heck!… Nonetheless, how exciting is it to have Matt Barnes return to #DubNation! Aaaahh! Fantabs!

Hoping: we get a W in our next game against New York’s Knicks tomorrow. GAME TIME: 11.30pm – Lock in! #DubNation

Praying: Fervently for Kevin Durant’s quickest and total recovery..

Listening: (repeatedly) to #Stalker – “Mtu Noma” by Hopekid HK. I actually received the audio yestereveningThank you HK and yaaaaas! I love love love it!Can’t seem to get enough of it! The video was also officially launched on YT yesterday and I will be sharing the link to the video on my Beat Post Section below soo.. Read on! 🙂

Creating: content for my YouTube channel and scheduling shoots. I have a strong drive inside urging me to revive the channel..

Smelling: Masala tea.. It’s giving me memories of a special person.. It’s 8.20am as I type this line..

Drinking: (will be) the masala tea I mentioned above accompanied by a plate of boiled then pan-fried arrow roots garnished with the special memories of the special person mentioned above too.. Ha! Now that’s special!.. 

Chewing: Trident gum sticks! I recently found out that there’s a new, 18-stick pack and yaaass I tried them and nooo they don’t taste any different. The only fascinating thing is the 18-sticks in the pack! Hahha.. You’re welcome..

Wishing: I had a wish to make at this very moment..

Playing: (our own type of) poker more often recently with my younger brother who is now home for his Mid-term break! It’s so good to have him around.. Aaahh! Love you Dennis! 

Wanting: Ice cream, yoghurt & chocolates for breakfast, KFC’s drum sticks for lunch and Domino’s Chocolate & Coffee cake for dinner! Hahha.. The craving is real you guys!..Gosh, are you pregnant? No I’m not pregnant!

Making: more music! Hallelujah! …Some Gospel Dancehall will be dropping soon btw.. Stay woke!

Opening: myself up to new challenges and the lessons that will come with the wins and losses.. I say, Bring. It. On! 

Wearing: a (soon to be blogged) black stained white, knee-high, sleeveless dress for a Wedding I will be heading to soon as am done typing and posting this lovely piece. A close pal of mine named Nimmo will be getting married today and I am more than excited to be part of her journey. Happy Marriage life Nimmo & Stan! I hope to be next so dear Nimmo, ensure that bouquet lands in my arms today! In fact, if possible beckon to me to come pick it from you! I will gladly do it. Yours truly, me. #DropsInsanity

Following: the Golden State Warriors’ games like my life depended solely on their wins! Damn! Have you ever been so head over heels over a sports team, so much such that its business is your business because you have invested in it. You have invested emotions! Air! Time! Airtime too! No? Go home!! Yes? – thank you for understanding me.. let’s keep investing. 

Feeling: blessed. God has been good to me… Nothing beats this feeling.

Noticing: that the reportedly annoying New WhatsApp version is not annoying to me at all.. I’m loving it! Yeap! And plus yesternight, my good friend Kennie The Dancer helped me sort just one issue that I had – the solution however is not so interesting because I had to turn on my read receipts.  

Reading: no novel religiously like I had promised myself to.. Among my new year’s resolutions was completing a novel this year. I am doing a terrible job. I did 17 pages in January. The status quo then has been shamelessly maintained. I need some canning!

Dating: finally…Hallelujah? Haha! 

Thank you dear reader for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this read.

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As always, 

Love & love, 

Acie Muiruri. 

Quote Tail

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

~ Coco Chanel

Beat Post 

STALKER – “Mtu Noma” by Hopekid HK – The General – Local

The Cape Buffalos of Aberdare. 

Photography: Selfies all throughout. 

Venue: The Aberdare National Park – Nyeri

Info: Some of it is courtesy of Wikipedia

Let’s travel, shall we?

When I grow up, I wanna be a Buffalo! Hahaaha..  A cape buffalo for that matter!


Serengeti Bueffel1.jpg

Cape/African Buffalo photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Aberdare National Park covers the higher areas of the Aberdare Mountain Range of Central Kenya.

Animals easily observed in this park include this Cape/African buffalo among others.

A few facts about Cape Buffalos I gathered when I visited this park are:

  1. They can swim! They comfortably cross rivers in search of greener pastures (pun intended)
  2. A Cape Buffalo’s gestation period is approx. 11.5months! Oh and btw, twins are rare and they only mate and give birth during the rainy season! Heck!
  3. Unlike the Asian Water Buffalo which can be domesticated if tamed, Cape Buffalos are extremely dangerous to human due to its unpredictable nature.
  4. They are a member of the big 5 game and therefore highly sought after. However, they remain listed as the Least Concerned – meaning they do not qualify to be categorized as a threatened, nearly threatened or conservative dependant species.
  5. They seldom/never forgive. Just like an Elephant is likely to remember you even after years, a buffalo is likely not to forgive you for an ambush you set for it years ago! Beware!

An adult male African/Cape Buffalo has an outstanding feature of its horns fusing at their base, forming an uninterrupted bone shield. This is referred to as A Boss. I think besides this serious face it puts on, these horns sure do make it look like a boss! I’d finish all my today’s duties waaayyy ahead of time and probably start on tomorrow’s  if Buffalos were my boss! Ha!

So having known all the above 5 facts I just shared with you and paying key attention to #3 and #5, my cousin Grace and I decided to play with the bosses! No, really we just took selfies and trust me this is probably the closest we could get.

I bet you can spot the herd of 5!

Then my other cousin Roy, decided to beat our “high score” by moving closer! This chap though! We had the crown to ourselves for 5min..then…then.. *grabs hankie*… then came him. Or I probably shouldn’t have blogged this photo? Hahhahaa.. But it’s also the only one I finally had the courage to take a selfie on my own in as much as I was at the verge of peeing on myself with that buffalo on it’s hoofs sooo.. yeah, yeah, Roy took the crown home.. Hahhaaha..

Now let’s binge! And still take selfies while at it..

My Auntie is a digital ma’ too! How beautiful.. 🙂

..and a mother-figure to us all. We love you!

Zee Girls: Ellen, Grace and I + Mommy..



Zee Girls…

One more take before we drive off..

It’s a wrap ladies and gents! Adios.. Peace out..


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Love & love!

Acie Muiruri.

Quote Tail

Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me.

~ Anthony Douglas Williams.





The Ray of Valentine’s (D)Yay!!

Photography: Muma Pix (@muma_pix)

Venue: Limuru 

Dress: Courtesy of Tash – Yasmin

Hello lovely reader and Happy Valentines to you! Flying kisses are all packed up and coming your way in a jiffy! Thank you for stopping by.. 😃

Hello lovers (anyone with a heart that can love unconditionally)! This day is for you, dearest ones!


Valentine’s Day.

Lovers’ day… but firstly,


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…Moving on..

It’s also when all shades of red color the world in one day. Some find it as a cliche but one fact we can’t change is that Red signifies love. Picture Jesus on Calvary’s tree. Red featured. That’s the greatest love ever recorded on Earth and in Heaven. So unconditional. So True.

Valentine’s Day. 

Chocolate day!

It is one of the days when chocolate is most consumed worldwide like a staple food!

So if you have a chocolate skin color (like mine.. sorta…hahahha) then most shades of red will quickly blend in!

This maxi turtle-neck dress for me was a win! 😉😉  (btw, Google says that this shade of red I have on is somewhat mahogany-red somewhat wine-red.. or should we just go with Maroon?.. be the judge).

How about some dark red lip color on? Double win!

Not failing to notice the floral white clip on my hair that I decided to add on just to bring some fun in my combo as the sun hugged me pretty tight. Thank you Mr. Sun! I enjoyed.. 😄

A simple but elegant look would do for a night out. Accessorize gently. I used a watch and a pair of gold-coated earrings just to complete this look. However if you wish to accessorize more, you can go ahead hunnay! Just don’t go to extremes. You don’t want Mr. Right’s attention shifting from your prettiness to your a hundred bangles or layered necklaces. It has to be about you ma’ 😉..

If you are the heels typa’ lady, throw them on hunnay! If you are my type, who prefers to be more comfy during such a day, karibu (welcome to my world).

I hope this look sparks ideas of what to do/wear on that dinner date/night out. Remember, let you be the center of attraction. Do not over-do stuff.

Have fun as you scroll through the photos.

To All,

Happy lovers’ day to you and yours. Make that moment count making them look forward to the next Valentines.

Spend time with your boo-thing, your mum and/or dad, brother/sister , your grandparents or basically anyone that matters in your life.

Spread joy and love to neighbors too!

Don’t forget to spend time and pray for them especially those who are a bit far away to share this day with.

Happy Chocolaty day-yay!

As always,

Love & Love!

Acie Muiruri.

Quote Tail

A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other


You don’t need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely.


Beat Post 

Pendo by Guardian Angel  – Local

All of Me by John Legend  – International

High 5 -2017

Photography: Pellah- @pellah.naphtali (IG)

Venue: Gaitega, Murang’a County, Kenya.

Heeeeeyyyllloooo errr’badyy!

Happy 2017! Also, welcome back as I welcome my fingers and mind back to this space!

How have y’all been? I have missed you guys yaniMko poa? Stroooong mzeiya! 


2016 was amazing! I don’t have enough (or the right) words to describe just how amazing that year was. What! What!

First of all, (God ni Msoh) and I am grateful that you and I got to see this year and experienced all its blessings and craziness  first hand. Woop! Woop! Tell you what, sadly, not everyone who succeeded in 2015 did, so stand in front of that mirror, #CheckYourself, smile and say to that person “God’s got you!”

Last year for me was one for the record books! I, for the first time… *drum rolls* …

… ensured that 87.91258% of the 366 days were put into proper use! Hahaha! Like anyone bothered about that math. But, how beautiful and successful was that? bAm!!!

Of course some of the remaining (100%-87.91258%) days were the ones you’d wake up at sunrise, opt to snooze for just at most 15 minutes (I swear my alarm was ever set) only to wake up again at sunset! Boom! The day was done! Just like that! … Just like that?!

In 2016 I discovered an inner passion for dance-hall music and even got featured in a song by some cool people known as ‘Baraka Family’ .  Check out the song by clicking here. I can proudly say, this was the beginning of my beginning! Watch out for more.. *Sips energy*..

I also got to meet a bunch of lovely peeps who I got to interact with, worked with some, did life with the rest. Glory, yes!


I got to let go of the old… the past.. the painful past.. the everything sad that had stuck with me and realizing that there’s so much more to life than anger, fear and the unforgiving nature.. was freedom!


I took risks (chances)…

  • Prayer Risks – One of these was a 2016 highlight!  It yielded! Although, I was at the verge of giving up.. But, it yielded! Glory glory, yes!

*Dances to He Did It by Kris Eeh Baba*

  • Financial Risks – Many.. lost in some.. gained in some.. learnt in all!
  • Nature Risks – Highlight -> I took selfies (and enjoyed some Ugali & Mbuzi Choma) this close to a herd of 5 or 6 buffaloes at the Arbedare National Park during the Christmas holiday! (Could put up some pics on my Instagram page soon, or better still blog about it!)
  • Fashion/Beauty Risks – Tried out new hair colors (eg, the pics herein), for the first time, I had some gel polish on my nails (although sth about those UV LED rays turns me off)
  • Photography Risks – Took some photos sitting and lying on a tarmacked road. This was sth I had been wishing to do since time immemorial. Murang’a county, thank you for being selfless and helping me accomplish this dream! 🙂

Etc ….. …. ….Etc … …. … Etc… … …


Twenty Sixteen!

I rediscovered what friendship and love is all about. I found a friend! A friend who makes me laugh so hard I could almost pee on myself in most cases ! You need to be able to laugh till you can’t breathe, with the person you love. That’s all I wish to say for now…


Twen-tee Six-teen!

I got stronger in Faith! I graduated! I got contracted! I got a salary! I got to perform at the annual System Rave event! I got to 10K followers on IG! 1.5K+ on Twitter!

I archived so much more.. I SERVED A FAITHFUL GOD ALL THROUGH!



Ladies and Gents, we just got started!

This is the year of becoming…

Are you ready?

Are you fully armored?

Whose report are you willing to listen to?

Is the Holy Trinity walking with you?


Are your resolutions up and running?

Are your goals defined?

Are the procedures to be used to get there already being put into use?

Pray, Toil and Give thanks no matter what!

2017, Let’s do this guys!

Happy everything in 2017 and may you all merrily live through this year!

As always,

Love & love!

Acie Muiruri

Quote Tail 

If you asked me for my new year resolution, it would be to find out who I am.

~ Cyril Cusak 

Beat Post

Check out the two links shared above herein! *wink*

Taking Stock #4

Photography: @b_titophotography on IG

Venue: Juja, Central Kenya.


Loving: my new office telephone extension! Hahaha.. Cray, right? I don’t know but there’s sth about it that’s warming my heart each time I hear it ring. Hahaha.. Ring! Ring!

Enjoying: every memory the month of August left me with. From the office days, to the concerts, interviews, birthdays, new gospel jam audio release dubbed “GREATER LOVE” (Got featured by Baraka Family), to etc’s… damn! Thank you August 2016! September are you ready? Loving the 2 past days so far 🙂

Wondering: how the U.S Presidential Election will turn out. Tuesday, November 8th 2016..the D-day!

Hoping: to hit the movie cinemas soon..

Praying: for a financial miracle! *Strongly hums to Jimmy Gait’s Yesu Ndiye Sponsor’ song*.. and then recalls the hope given to me in Psalms 145:18.

Listening: to Benjamin Dube a lot, recently.

Creating: more time for ‘me -time’.. my friend Hector keeps telling me I don’t have a life. Smh! Hahaha.. Bless you Hector!

Smelling: roasted coffee.. sluurrp! With some mint leaves floating at the top.. double sluuurrp! It’s 7.30am..

Drinking: in any information concerning healthy living.

Chewing: vegetables more often than not nowadays.. not yet vegan though! Hahaha..

Wishing: My Colleague Dennis ‘Kip’ all the best in his new role. Bravo Mr! I am a proud colleague. 🙂

Playing: no games on my phone. I apparently chucked all game apps I had. I need to fetch a memory card soon to reinstall them.

Wanting: a weekend off all my schedules.. just to reconnect with my inner self.

Making: efforts in the office to have myself absorbed soon. Dear God keep being my source of strength.

Opening: newspaper pages more often, recently. I can’t believe I have finally landed on this stage of life where I get to chase newspapers for updates.

Wearing: Modern Muse cologne

Following: Joy Kendi’s Blog & Sungit Diaries .. Kindly do too. Great reads! Witty ladies run them.

Feeling: Super excited about this September despite my prolonged flu.. I have a tough chest congestion. Not funny ladies and gentlemen. Prayer warriors where you at? Come through for a sister-oh…

Noticing: my phone is at 11%. Heck! Where did I last place my charger? *As I try trace it.. I am ↓

Reading: the line I just typed above and realizing it might be funny to some of you and a concern to some of you… to the rest of you, you’ll either lie in the prior or the latter. Lol.. (Please laugh)

Dating: myself. For now. 🙂


Thank you for stopping by!

I hope the month of August was as super for you, as it was for me.

Let’s take over September with immense energy! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Salute to all hard working people. Toil without tire. Toil vehemently. Your day is coming when the world which now appears not to notice you, will appreciate your presence on earth in Jesus’ Name!

As always,

Love & Love!

Acie Muiruri.


Quote Tail

 The strongest single factor in prosperity conscienceness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. 

~ Jerry Gillies

Beat Post 

Fungua Macho by MC-K Ft. D K Kwenye beat (local).